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Church schools pride themselves in providing an education for the whole child in a Christian environment. They seek to ensure that all children and young people achieve the best of which they are capable in a caring atmosphere that recognises the special gifts of each individual. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all is fostered within a Christian environment. Moral teaching is based firmly within the teaching of the Bible. They enable children and their families to explore the truths of Christian faith, to develop spiritually and morally, and to have a basis for choice about Christian commitment. They are places where the beliefs and practices of other faiths will be respected.

The types of church school within the state education sector are voluntary controlled, voluntary aided, foundation schools (all maintained by the Local Authority (LA)) and academies.  The categories, aided or controlled, refer to a schools’ association with the LA.

At Christchurch we are a voluntary aided school.

We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

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