Nyakatukura Primary School

Uganda Visit 2023

In May/June 2023, Mrs Sewell, Miss Wilkinson and Mrs Friend (within a group of 21 people - people from St Thomas' Church, other schools and Cheshire Phoenix basketall club) went to Uganda.  As a group, we visited 6 different schools in Ibanda (West Uganda).  We spent most of our time in Nyakatukura Primary school (link school with Christ Church).  It was an incredible opportunity and we were able to help such a deprived area.  We raised money which enabled the school to install a water harvesting system, buy lots of stationery they so desperately needed and sponsor a child to go to school. 

In Uganda, only the lucky children are able to go to school - if their parents can afford to send them or if they are sponsored.  We have given a boy called Jordan the opportunity to go to school and we will have regular updates about how he is getting on.  We also gave each of the six schools 12 footballs, rugby balls, a laptop and a printer.  They have no resources so these gifts were gratefully received.  For the schools without electricity, we were even able to fit solar panals whilst there and bought each school a dongle enabling them to connect to the internet.  We even had enough money to buy each school a goat as a gift from us.  We named the goat for Nyakatukura Primary school 'Hope'.  

Nyakatukura Primary school have very few resources for teaching so they were delighted with the books, story sacks, parachutes and a variety of games for the boarders (56 of the children live at the school) we donated.  Mrs Sewell went round each class and modelled how to play parachute games and use the story sacks.  Despite not having much in the way of material things, the Ugandan children were an absolute pleasure to be around - full of joy, faith, happiness, thankfulness and their singing and dancing was incredible.  They have a strong faith in God and give thanks and praise everyday.  

We were able to make such a difference to our link primary school Nyakatukura in the short time we were there.  We have a good link with the school and we will continue to help and support them when we can.  


Uganda Visit 2019

Thanks to our friend Mr Burton we are building links with Nyakatukura Memorial Primary School.  It is such an exciting opportunity to learn about children in other countries.

Miss Wilkinson and Mrs Friend, along with people from their churches, went out to visit our friends in June 2019.  The school is in the region of Ibanda - it was a long journey in very rough roads!  The video below is a taste of what they experienced.

There is just less than 5,000 Ugandan Shillings to the pound making 1 million shillings equal to a little more than 200 pounds.   Children have to pay to go to school in Uganda and this can make it very hard for some to get an education.  Some children have to earn money for 1 school term at a time, so it can take them a long time to get through primary school.  Children walk long distances to get to school, some have to sleep at school as it is too far for them to walk.  

The children love school and do lots of learning through songs and chanting after their teacher.  Lots of the children wrote messages for our children at Christ Church - they are kept in the entrance area for us to read.  Mrs Friend took a memory book all about our school, Ellesmere Port and the UK for our new friends - they loved it!  


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