Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato


Through Music we interweave our drivers in as many ways as possible.  For example:

Communicators- children will explore how music is used to communicate feelings and important messages, they will be able to perform regularly and they will be able to critically and reflectively respond to music that they hear and compose.

Explorers - children will learn to play a range of instruments ( both tuned and untuned);  they will listen to music from other cultures  and composers that they may not hear in their day to day life.

Reading - we encourage children to read new vocabulary relating to pieces of music, they learn words from other languages and explore rhythm and rhyme through learning new songs. They will also begin to read music.

Believers  - all children are able to perform the pieces of music that they learn through different means, They have the chance to compose their own music and believe that music can send messages to others for example ‘Stop’ in Y4 the anti-bullying rap.

Through these drivers and the delivery of the music curriculum we want our children to have a love of music and be able to discuss music. They will have a sound understanding of key musical terms and be able to perform music by reading music on a stave.

We use a mixture of Charanga's Model Music Curriculum and Original Scheme throughout school. We felt the transition to using the Model Music Curriculum scheme completely needed to be gradual to ensure that the foundations of musicality were in place. The way we have adapted to the Model Music Curriculum has been successful and we are building on this year on year. 
The Charanga scheme provides all children with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the history of music and in KS2 this is developed even further. In line with our drivers, Charanga's schemes give children the opportunity to explore music and relish in communicating through music. Children are often provided with the chance to perform both in school and church, there they see first-hand the joy that music spreads. 
Through Charanga's progressive lessons, children are engaged and encouraged to explore music right from Foundation Stage. By KS1, children are composing simple melodies and teachers are allowing children to express themselves through music. As they develop into KS2, these compositions are being notated.  
Singing is at the very heart of life at Christ Church and an integral part of our daily collective worship. Weekly singing assembly allows the children to have fun and be loud! In music lessons, the children learn to control their voices and to work together as a choir. Teachers also use singing across the curriculum. For example, timetable and counting songs in maths and continents of the world in Geography. 
Year 5 have the opportunity to enjoy a 10-week tasting course and learn a wind instrument in weekly classes with external music teachers. We also organise several trips, clubs and performances throughout the year including the annual trip to perform at “Young Voices” in the Manchester Arena and the 'AmaSing' community connect project. 


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We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

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