Church of England schools have a denominational inspection called SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

As well as being inspected by Ofsted, denominational schools have a further inspection under section 48 of the Education Act 2005.  In Church of England/Church in Wales schools this is referred to as Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).

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Liverpool Diocese now oversees the administration of SIAMS inspections for Chester, Manchester and Liverpool dioceses.

During out last inspection we were judged as:

The inspection findings indicate that Ellesmere Port Christ Church Church of England Primary School is  living up to its foundation as a Church school.


• The Christian vision is carefully woven in to all aspects of school life. This is particularly evident 
through the physical environment and daily provision. Pupils regularly demonstrate ways in 
which they shine as beacons of light in school and their community.
• The school has a clearly defined understanding of spiritual development. This enables pupils to 
be communicators, explorers, readers and believers as ‘spiritual beacons’ across the curriculum.
• Collective worship plays an important part in the life of the school. It effectively supports pupils' 
and adults' spiritual development.
• Mutually beneficial relationships between the local church and school enhance the life of pupils 
and staff. Other important partners are nearby schools, Chester Diocesan Board of Education 
and its' federated school, Bishop Wilson CE Primary.
• Pupils enjoy and achieve well in religious education (RE) and are keen to talk about what they 
study. They have a very good understanding of the Christian faith. Opportunities to ponder big 
questions enhance pupils' learning.

Areas for Development:

• Continue to explore opportunities to enrich the curriculum to reflect diversity within society. 
This is so that pupils are made aware of the opportunities for all to shine.
• Develop the environment to offer pupils greater scope for personal stillness, reflection and 
prayer. This is so that pupils’ spiritual development is further enhanced.
• Continue to build on pupils' knowledge about the beliefs and practices of followers of world 
religions, including Christianity. This will enable pupils to become confident in their knowledge 
and understanding of a range of world faiths.



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