What do the Parents and Children Say?

We regularly review how well we are doing in school and where we might need to make improvements. In doing so we take account of the views and opinions of a wide range of groups within our school community.  Also read our comments from the children page for their say too!

Outcomes of any surveys will be shared via this page.  Should you wish to share any thoughts or opinions regarding how we can continue to improve and make a difference, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher whom will share the information with the school’s Senior Leaders.

September 2023 - What do the parents say?

  • A truly wonderful school with a great community and friendly atmosphere always. We are in in our final year now and are
    treasuring every moment. Staff are wonderful and all genuinely care for the children and provide them with a great education
    and make it really enjoyable. Our little one has loved every moment. 
  • I have 3 children in Christ Church..... in my experience, Christ Church is extended family , not just a school . That applies to
    parents/carers too , not just the lucky children who get to go here
  • We love the community feeling at Christ Church. All the staff are friendly, approachable and I know our children are safe and in
    good hands every day. The kids love learning at Christ Church, and I am so glad we chose this as our children's primary
  • A welcoming, friendly school that offers a positive environment for children to work in. My daughter loves going to school and
    it is a pleasure to see her happy and safe. Thank you for all the hard work!
  • It is the best school our son has really settled in this school it's more like a family than a school which he loves
  • The Christian Ethos and the pastoral care offered from the school are above and beyond. We know our daughter is cared for, happy and loves learning - Christ Church is everything you could want from a school and more!
  • Lovely school, very supportive of all children with their various needs, and feels like one big family.
  • The Christ Church team go above and beyond to ensure all my daughters needs are met. It's a wonderful inclusive
    environment offering lots of variety for those with dietary needs. The teachers and assistants maintain excellent
    communication with parents. The team are always happy to speak to parents, offering support for the classroom. The school is
    a happy, positive environment and I am so glad I picked this setting for my daughter. 
  • My daughter absolutely loves the school always comes home happy and always says how she has had an amazing day at
  • Kind and caring school, our son really enjoys school life.
  • Brilliant school brilliant staff 
  • Fantastic school with amazing teachers

September 2023 - What do the children say?

Year 1 -

  • I love all my friends
  • Everybody loves me, all the teachers are nice and have lots of friends
  • The food is good, I like pizza and chips and buying toast for snacks

Year 2 -

  • The school helps me learn
  • The playground is really big and there are lots of people to be friends with 
  • My favourite thing to do is handwriting because when I am an adult I will be able to use it for my work
  • I love maths because I'm really good at it and am really quick
  • Forest School is really good fun. I love building dens for the teddies and roasting marshmallows. Its good we can go even if it is raining!

Year 3 - 

  • My favourite things is maths, I love getting things right
  • My favourite thing to do is write and use adjectives
  • Playtimes are fun, there are lots of games and football to play. 
  • I love art, it is great to able to draw lots of things
  • I went on a Rugby Session with lots of other schools and it was great fun

Year 4 - 

  • The teachers are nice and kind and I want to be everyone's friend
  • Swimming is fun and we are learning something new that will be helpful when we are bigger or if we get in danger
  • I love being creative in art 

Year 5 - 

  • RE is my favourite lesson because I am a Christian and love learning about God
  • PE is great because we are active and have to be good communicators
  • English and art are my favourites because I can be creative
  • Science is really fun and we get to do lots of experiments and have to figure out how things work
  • We have lots of fun and exciting books to read

Year 6 -

  • We've been to the library and it was brilliant because we did a book bingo treasure hunt
  • Our friendships are really good and we do lots of learning
  • We make lots of memories - my favourite is the Summer Fair when we poured water over Mrs Grimster
  • We do lots of life skills as well as learning - like building fires in the forest


February 2022 - What do the children say?


  • I love doing jobs, assembly, homework and playing with friends.  Today we mad cookies to share like in our story 'The Rainbow Fish.'
  • We have a woodland area in our classroom like the Gruffalo.  We made things out of twigs for it and can play in it.

Year 1

  • I like Maths because it is interesting.  We have been using ten frames too.
  • In English we are reading 'The Lion Inside' about a lion and a mouse and we have made our own lions.

Year 2

  • I have loved taking away on a numberline.  Even though it was hard I kept trying and working hard and now I have the gist of it!
  • In Spanishe we have been learning how to say the colours.  My favourite is 'rojo' for red.

Year 3

  • In our Africa topic we have been learning about Nelson Mandela and his life.  It is really interesting and shows how important he is and how his life is different.
  • In Maths we are learning about money and counting in pounds and pence.  I love numbers!

Year 4

  • We have been doing activities for Mental Health Week.  We made a balloon and wrote names of people around it that have supported us.
  • In Maths we have been doing division and the bus stop method which is fun.  Our times tables help us lots too!

Year 5

  • In English we are reading 'Queen of the Fall.'  It is a true story and really interesting to read about the life of Annie and going to Niagra Falls.
  • Maths is my favourite subject.  We are drawing an measuring area and perimeter which is fun.

Year 6

  • Our Word War 2 topic is so interesting.  We are finding out about what they used to do, what operations and weapons they used and about what happened to evacuees.
  • In Science we have been using electrics and built scarecrows that flashed and turned with motors.

November 2021 - What do the children say?


  • I love playing with our nice toys and making sure no one is left out 
  • I have learnt some new sounds

Year 1

  • I love snack time and being able to run around with all my friends
  • I liked learning about finding out how much rain comes down
  • Maths is fun and I am good at it. I like using the number fans

Year 2

  • The forest is great. We have made log dogs and given them mud baths. We roasted marshmallows and played hide and seek
  • I love being with my teachers they are nice and show me how to make my maths work easier

Year 3

  • I love that maths is challenging. It is hard but I know I can do it
  • Writing Jack and the Baked Beanstalk was really fun. I liked writing it in a different way
  • We made models of Stonehnge

Year 4

  • I like learning about different cultures and how areas of the world are different to others
  • I loved doing our House of Dance lessons
  • When we went to the library, I enjoyed choosing my books to bring back

Year 5

  • I loved it when we went to bake cookies with Mrs Carpenter, we had time to talk to each other 
  • Making the lanterns was really fun and when we got to take them to the Light Parade

Year 6

  • Learning about Frida Kahlo was really interesting. I liked being able to create the paintings too
  • In Interfaith week, it was nice to have different people speaking to us about their beliefs. It was good to be able to ask them questions
  • I loved making the plastic keyrings when we went to the Boat Musuem on the STEAM day

March 2020 - Parental Questionnaire said that 100% would recommend Christ Church Primary School to other people. 

Please see attached file for full list of responses and comments.

-        100% at least ‘agree’ that their child is happy and feels safe in school

-        100% feel the school ensures children are well behaved

-        100% said their children are doing well in school and the school lets the know how their child is doing

-        Parents were less able to answer questions in relation to SEND and bullying issues.

Some parental comments:

….. enjoys school and is doing very well.  He is always enthusiastic when talking about school.  I love the school values and Christian ethos.  I believe it sets children up with good values and a strong support system with their peers – thank you.

Don’t think I could have picked a better school for my children


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