Links with Parents

The school recognises that you as parents and carers are the first educators of your children and we therefore encourage you to liaise closely with staff. We ask all parents to work with us to ensure that your children will have a happy, secure, productive and rewarding school experience.

The staff are here to help and listen in order to get the best experiences for your child.

We hold formal parents evenings two times a year and at each of these you will be given a summary of where you child is at within their learning and social skills within school.

At the end of the academic year you will received a more lengthy report giving information on all areas of school life and an opportunity for a further parents evening to discuss anything. 

If you have child with additional needs then more regular meetings will be set up to help keep everyone up to date.

If you have any queries about how your child is doing in school please speak directly to their class teacher.

We learn, we play, we care, we pray, in Jesus' name

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